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Ultimate Isle of Beauty- CORSICA 7 days

Quandu t’è prumess u purcellu, legalu en u muscellu – We should accept the offers that have been given us- Corsican  proverb

Pearls of unspoiled Corsica in 7 days

Parc naturel regional de la corse


This is a  very unusual land, where French mixed with Italian and Corsican traditions. Magnificent sea, awesome beaches amazingly tasty cuisine and wine and fabulous landscapes – all this you will find here. From a stroll in the countryside to an overnight hike in the countryside to an overnight hike in the mountains, Corsica offers more than 100 peaks and scenic trails, including the famous 201-km (125-mile) “GR20” trek across the island. The warm and crystal waters here are ideal for snorkeling, diving, boating, and windsurfing. Blending French specialties with Italian cuisine, Corsica tempts the palate with the rich flavors of honey, chestnuts, wine, and Brin d’Amour cheese. These curvy mountain roads, skirted by turquoise waters, are not to be missed. Dotting the island are chapels, towers, and more than 350 villages framed by fields of grazing goats and sheep. Corsica’s cultural treasures, preserved through centuries of tradition, find expression in the island’s art, music, food, and festivals.

1.day: BASTIA

The Baroque coastal town has a historic center that retains the timeless, salty flavor of an ancient Mediterranean port. Its name is derived from the word “bastion,” in reference to the fortress, the Genoese built here in the 14th century as a stronghold against rebellious islanders. The Terra Vecchia (Old Town) is best explored on foot.

Sights: CATHÉDRALE STE-MARIE-  one of the town’s prettiest churches. Inside, classic Baroque style abounds in an explosion of gilt decoration. Numerous works of art from the 18th and 19th centuries, forged metalwork, sculptures, and statues that were generous gifts from the bishops of Mariana, residents of the cathedral from 1600 to 1622, are showcased. PLACE DU MARCHE- this square is the heart of Terra Vecchia – the ancient port area. VIEUX PORT (OLD PORT) – The picturesque Vieux Port, along Quai des Martyrs de la Libération, is dominated by the hilltop citadel. Take a stroll along the harbor, which is lined with excellent seafood restaurants. You can still find many bright red-and-blue fishing boats with tangles of old nets and lines.

2. day: CAP CORSE

Cap Corse begins north of Bastia. A sharp mountain ridge 40 km long heading north, it is a land of sailors and fishermen. A coastal road takes you right over the ridge and affords spectacular views at each twist and turn. Explore Nonza and its Genoese watchtower that are certainly worth a postcard, along with Centuri which is a beautiful little port with crystal-clear waters. From here the customs trail takes you along the coast to Macinaggio. Explore the nature reserve of Finocchiarola with the Audoin gulls and the Sainte Marie and Tamarone beaches. There is also the picturesque fishing village of Erbalunga where, in the 30s, many painters came and set up their easels.


Appreciated since ancient times, the white wines of Cap Corse come from the terraces carved out of the mountainside. They produce Malvasia, Muscat and Sciaccarellu wines, and Rappu, a sweet wine that can be purchased only in the wineries.

3.day: CALVI

The capital of Balgne is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Corsica, partly because of its long beach. Situated on a rocky promontory, the 15th-century Genoese citadel dominates the yacht harbor and the promenade of Calvi. A discovery of the sea or nature, a sports day biking or hiking, a small gift to Mrs. or a souvenir for the family … In further business, you can also opt to visit workshops of craftsmen who will share their love of the material and know-how. Before care, do not forget to go to the cultural and heritage discovery of the city with a tour guide or renting your available audio-guides and tourist office in the showrooms at the entrance to the Citadel. You ca never treat yourself with a lazy day on the beach, which is 4,5 km long, from the marina to the mouth of the Figarella river. It has fine white sand and low dunes protected by fencing. The sea is shallow and free from rocks.


Corte is the geographic heart of Corsica, as well as its cultural center. The city is skirted by a region of tall, rugged mountains forming the very backbone of the island. The city was fortified in 1419 and in 1735 it became the cradle of Corsican patriotism and still, today maintains a proud spirit of nationalism. It is part of the city’s charm and can be discovered through a walk in the old town and a tour of the Citadelle. A hike to the Belvedere overlooking the Gorges du Tavignano and the Gorges de la Restonica reveals the natural beauty of the area.

Sights: Place Paoli, Place Gaffori, Eglise de l’Annonciation, the Citadelle.

Lunch break and drive to the largest city in Corsica as well as the island’s political center- Ajaccio. It is divided into three sectors: the old Genoese town, with its narrow streets and houses with pastel-coloured façades; the modern city, with three-lined avenues and outdoor cafes; and the outskirts, which extend up to the hills and offer a marvelous view of the gulf, dominated by the Citadelle.

Sights: Citadelle, Rue Bonaparte, Maison Bonaparte (Bonaparte’s Hause), place Foch, Boulevard du Roi Jerome, Chapelle Imperiale, Place d’Austerlitz.


Morning retreat on the local market, afternoon drive to Bonifacio. Perched on its promontory, keeping guard over the deep inlet below, the fortified city of Bonifacio owes its charm and importance to the sea, fishing, and commerce. The coast around Bonifacio is made up of a chalk outcrop that created the famous cliffs.

Sights: Upper town with Porte de France, Church of St. Dominique, Bosco & Marine Cemetery…


Daily retreat in the amenities of your staying or exploring the town, shopping.

Optional: cookery course in gastronomic cuisine. For those who enjoy cooking and would like to enhance their techniques on one of our fun, informal but well-structured courses. The course can be tailor-made and might treat different themes such as sweet-sour, surf and turf, Corsican –and many other cuisine styles, Game cookery, family cooking, Asiatic, spice-based, 100% dessert…        


Optional: visit Tappa- Neolithic settlement in the village of Ceccia.

 7. day: FAREWELL

Morning drive to Ajaccio and farewell to Corsica or optional staying in the town of Napoleon for couple more days….

All offers will be considered tailor-made. Contact us for our best prices for this program and information on availability.

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